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By Birdie - Ювелирные украшения ручной работы - Доставка по всему миру

By Birdie rings - Danish jewelry

The jewelry is all made of oxidized silver, 14ct gold and with genuine gemstones and rose cut diamonds.
They are made by hand at small workshops in India.
Here they get the right love under the hammer and afterwards diamonds are sprinkled with a round hand over the jewelry.
By Birdie offers a fine balance between the raw and feminine, which stems from a fusion of the Nordic industry, the wisdom of the East and the raw nature.
The jewelry and style has an edge, and with its individual expression.
The brand has in recent years aroused attention both at home and abroad.
By Birdie jewelry is the epitome of handmade and raw rings with champagne colored diamonds and rough diamonds.
A really delicious Danish design
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