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Подвески и броши By Birdie - Доставка по всему миру

Necklaces and pendants from By Birdie

Large selection of beautiful pendants and necklaces made of black oxidized 925 sterling silver with 14kt gold and genuine stones and pearls in many different varieties.
By Birdie features unique jewelry made by hand with a definite touch of personality that makes you feel a little special and honored when wearing them.
These are jewelery made with the greatest love in hand at small workshops in India, where Wendelbo sees to it that everything is in the most beautiful order.
Therefore, they are not mass produced in large workshops for thousands using casts and other large machines.
Which also can't give them this nice finish that you only find on the jewelry from By Birdie.
Here time has been given to dwell on the details and where it does not matter that they are not exactly 100% similar to each other.
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By Birdie - Seven seas, faith hope and love
By Birdie - Windsor necklace with gold leaves
By Birdie - Hannibal, Pendant
By Birdie - Leaf Drop Green, Pendant
By Birdie - Leaf Drop Pavé, Pendant
By Birdie - Saharan Heart Pendant, with diamond
By Birdie - Essex Open, diamond pendant