By Birdie - Серьги

Hot earrings from By Birdie

Looking for some earrings that stand out from the crowd?
Something a little raw in the expression, but still with a feminine look?
Then check out these exciting jewelry from Birdie. Here is a wealth of black oxidized jewelry adorned with gold, champagne colored diamonds and real pearls in various colors.
This combination of materials gives the jewelry a more raw look, and with the warm gold color and sparkling diamonds, it all becomes like broken up and the look arises.
As something new, smaller earrings in both oxidized silver decorated with gold have come at a lower price, which means that everyone can adorn themselves with these totally fantastic jewelry.
All the jewelery is made of oxidized silver with fine gold details and rose cut diamonds are sprinkled over the earrings with a loose hand.
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By Birdie - Windsor earrings with large gold leaves
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