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Enamel Copenhagen News Pre-order (will be send in week 7)

Follow the latest jewelry from Enamel Copenhagen on this site. They have just announced a new collection, where they don't compromise with there amazing looks or their extraordinary enamel work.

New colors to the Lola-series

The Lola necklaces, earrings and bracelets have been a total bestseller. They have become very popular with just this one collection. So now it's the time for the collection of Lola-jewelry to be extended.
From the classic rainbow colors, which many already know, you can now buy the jewelery with the names Heavenly, Daisy, Breezy and many others. It is just the names, that are different, but also the colors of course. All the jewelry have enamel dots in different pastel colors and changes between white, lightblue, pink, purple, dark blue or green. The gorgeous colors are in some of the jewelry also mixed, which gives a stunning new look to the Lola-collection.

Other news

Besides the Lola-collection you can also get new bracelets, earrings and necklaces, which have the most beautiful names. Viola bracelet, Mellow bracelet, Willa necklace or Birla earrings is just to name a few. 
All the jewelry have of course the well-known enamel dots, but the pearls have also made its way into these wonderful news. 
In the collection the more wild jewelry also have made their way in. Many of the new earrings have chain with coins, enamel, pearls and are ready to give life to your ear and your summer. 
So don't hesitate to take a look at our page. You won't be disappointed!

At Perlen Odense we are always ready to help you, if you have questions or need help. We always have free delivery. We want to bo your top-of-mind Enamel Copenhagen dealer and strive to be the first ones with new jewelry and news as fast as possible.
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