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Feather Jewelry, necklace and earrings

The perfect gift for the woman who has everything.
Heiring can do something that the few jewelry brands can. Namely creating unique, handmade jewellery with great personality and lots of history. Jewelry that can last forever and last legacy from generation to generation. And at the same time be current.

Heiring jewelry - Danish Design

The timeless, natural and Danish design from Heiring's workshop gives your jewelry far more personality.
Here you are your own boss, combining feathers in colors and sizes. In addition to the beautiful feather necklaces, there are also earrings and rings from the same series.The materials are silver, oxydated and gilded silver.

Feather and angel Jewelry

Right now, the most popular jewelry from Heiring is there feather necklace. Here you get 3 beautiful well-executed feather pendants and a long necklace to a very good price. You can choose between 3 different colors for it. Gold plated silver, oxidized silver or plain silver, the same applies to the necklace.
Right now we sell most of the black oxidized, but it really changes what color is the favorite.
In the feather collection there are both rings, hoops, earrings and necklaces. Sometimes we see that the feather is combined with the dream catcher pendant, which gives a little more volumen. But also a kind of calm with the round shapes and the natural look that the feather has.

The rings are made with and without diamonds, and adorn every finger.

Guardian angel necklace

Heiring jewelry is always fashionable, so it is here that you can find the popular guardian angels. They also come in 3 different colors like the feather and are just to put on your favorite necklace.
The pictures of the angels are nothing to write home about, but I can promise you that they are much nicer in reality.
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