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Mads Ziegler

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Модные браслеты из натуральных камней от Mads Ziegler

Хотите быть в тренде? Тогда эти тонкие браслеты из натуральных камней для вас!
Вы можете надеть один или несколько, превратив запястье в произведение искусства. Замок выполнен из серебра, а вы можете выбрать вариант: обычное, позолоченное и темное серебро. Некоторые браслеты украшены дополнительными серебряными бусинами, что создает интересную игру фактур.
Приятный и недорогой подарок для подруги, мамы, сестры и, конечно же, себя любимой.
Не забывайте, что мы доставим ваш заказ бесплатно!

Jewelry from Mads Z

Mads Ziegler is the creator of the popular brand Mads Z, which has made beautiful jewelry for women for several years. He places great emphasis on good quality and this means among other things that they use genuine stones.
These include pearls, quartz, sapphires, rubies, amazonite, tourmalines, moon stones and many more.

Saint Tropez bracelet

You may have seen the bracelets with stones and pearls in all colors from the Saint Tropez collection. These bracelets are available with silver or gold plated lock. They are adjustable and therefore fits all wrists.
The smart thing about these bracelets is that they can be combined with jewelry you already have, or you can put multiple bracelets together from the same brand. Which allows you to get some color in and it is especially nice in the coming time when the light diminishes and it just gets dark in the dark.

Carnival collection

As something new, the Carnival collection has arrived on our website with the fine jewelry and the associated stones and pearls.
Carnival is a concept where you can put together your jewelry and exchange parts with others. As a start, you can buy a finished piece of jewelry and then buy other decoration with stones or delicious snakes and hearts.
This can be applied to both earrings, necklaces and bracelets. All you have to do for change or add something is to simply turn this little dummy hidden in a bead and pull it out.

Cheap jewelry with letters

Their fine letter jewelry with zirconia necklaces is available in silver and gold plated are definitely worth checking out as well. It's the perfect gift to give to yourself or someone you love. All pendants come with an associated necklace on which is an extension piece, which allows you to wear it as you please.

Pearl jewelry with white pearls

Are you as crazy about white pearls as we are?
Then we all are lucky that Mads Z has a lot of great jewelry with baroque pearls. You can get them as a pendant for a necklace, as earrings or at the bottom of some cute creoles.
Here comes the necklace again with an adjustable necklace in either silver or gold plated silver that fits the pendant.

Ankle chains for the summer

On our website you can also find the finest ankle chains with small pendants which are perfect for the summer. They are available with different stones in several colors and a small cross and then of course they come in both silver and gold plated. Decorate your ankle and walk into the summer with Mads Z
Mads Ziegler does not design jewelry by age groups, but by types. His jewelry is therefore divided into 3 main collections called Gold Label, Silver

Label and White Label jewelry from Mads

Gold Label is the exclusive collection of jewelry in 14 carat red and white gold. These jewelry come with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.
The Gold Label is perfect for those women who have a desire for precious jewelry with genuine stones. In this collection are not only fine, classic jewelry, but also the eye-catching necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings with colorful stones.
Silver Label is for those who love the cool tone of the silver and has a love for diamonds and other gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

The jewelery in this collection is elegant and simple and suitable for all ages.

White Label is the collection with both silver and 8 carat gold. Here the stones will primarily be zirconia which means that they are more amenable to the price compared to the diamond jewelry.
This series is also for the woman who has a sense of good quality. The jewelry from Mads Z is inspired, among other things, by his many trips around the world and by his view of Svendborg Sund from his home on South Funen.
He is particularly focused on the women that the jewelry must be worn by as one of his greatest wishes is that they feel comfortable with them.