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The lockets are made of in silver and 14ct gold.
Locket with Flowers and Diamond

Locket with Flowers and Diamond

11 900,86 RUB
Marathon - Plain oval locket

Marathon - Plain oval locket

11 296,37 RUB
Medallion with 45cm necklace

Medallion with 45cm necklace

9 445,13 RUB
Plain Locket with necklace

Plain Locket with necklace

9 029,54 RUB
Plain Locket w. Diamond

Plain Locket w. Diamond

10 956,35 RUB
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Lockets with chains

Large selection of  high quality lockets by Marathon Jewellery.
All the lockets are made of silver, silver with rolled on gold and 14ct gold.

When we say rolled on gold, this means that a plate of gold has been rolled on top of the silver the locket is made of.
It is always a better to choose jewellery with rolled on gold instead of gold plated, as the layer of gold er significantly thicker og lasts much longer.

Did you know, that you can gold plated a statue of a horse with a rider in full scale with just 1 gram of gold?

Classic lockets for 2 or 4 pictures in different designs

The most well known lockets are the oval shaped lockets, but also the round and heart shaped lockets are popular.
You can choose between shiny lockets, lockets with wonderful engravings of flowers, hearts or butterflies, and lockets with an elegant diamond. All lockets come with a chain.

Lockets of the highest quality

If you are looking for the real traditional lockets, with space for photo of a loved one, then these are the lockets you are looking for, as they are of the highest quality on the market. Lockets are made with hinges that jsut work perfectly, no matter how many times you open them to see the photo inside.

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