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Pilgrim - это невероятно популярная датская марка. На нашем сайте представлены часы, цепочки с подвесками, серьги и многое другое. 
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Pilgrim Jewelry

Pilgrim is a Danish jewelry brand with several years on the bag. Still, the brand is at the forefront when it comes to following the fashion trends of the time and at the same time help set new trends and looks.
Their designers are constantly coming up with new jewelry in the collection, and their rings, earrings, beautiful creoles or watches are immensely popular.

Pilgrim Jewelry is a Danish Design brand of immense popularity.
The assortment holds jewelry and watches of interesting and challenging designs. It may be tough to take a pick because there are so many to choose from, fortunately the Pilgrim assortment is very affordable, so you can fill your jewellery box with exciting news at quite a low cost.

All jewelry is 100% nickel free

Affordable fashion jewelry

Pilgrim's collections include jewelry and watches in exciting shapes and designs, and that at prices most of us can pay.
So if you want to join the jewelry fashion, Pilgrim is a really good bid. Here you really get jewelry that looks like a million without being ripped off.
Silver, gold, rose gold plated?
It can be difficult to choose, but you can fill your box with lovely jewelry for not a lot of money. You'll find it all here.

Earrings and hoops

The earrings and creoles are currently very up in time. Check out our website and enjoy the wide selection of circle earrings and the well-known double pearl earrings, where you can carry it together or alone.
In their latest collection, they have also made some great hoops embellished with the finest real white pearls. They are just hot stuf.
Or how about some earrings adorned with small fine pendants, like hearts, stars and gems that move as you walk.

Fashion Necklaces

See also the very large selection of necklaces and long chains. Here in the assortment there is something for everyone and that suits your particular look.
From some very stylish necklaces with a single pendant to some relatively large necklaces with many different details.
So whether you are into small or large necklaces, Pilgrim always has something right for you.
Especially the price of their jewelry makes you just want to own one more and then just one more. All pendants come with an adjustable necklace, whether long or short.

Modern Pilgrim watches

Pilgrim's watches have certainly come on the lips of many, too, and it's no wonder. The designers have taken entirely new paths, and created exciting and very feminine watches in delicate pastel colors. Not only are they elegant - so are the prices. Not least, the new silicone watches have found their way and are now also available with flowers or something else smart in the dial itself.
See the pearl's vast selection of jewelry - you'll easily find something made for YOU!