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 Ювелирные украшения Rabinovich - это тот самый момент, когда Вы понимаете, что Ваша мечта сбылась. Ювелирные украшения Rabinovich - это лучшее из лучшего среди датских производителей.

Rabinovich jewelry

Rabinovich is what helps you realize your jewelry dreams. Every single piece is handmade with small variations, which makes every piece something special. They are a Danish jewelry brand, designed by Mario Rabinovich and Jette Poulsen, at its best and has already been making jwelry for more than 25 years. See all the wonderful design at Perlen.
Rabinovich is the moment you realize that you dream is about to come true. Each piece is made by hand causing small variations turning each jewellery into something very special. Rabinovich is Danish Jewelry craft at its best - Save 10% 

Beautiful Rabinovich rings

They offers incredibly many gorgeous rings in silver and silver med beautiful details in gold, highlighted by a light oxidization, which brings out the beautiful design. When they use genuine gems and pearls, in the rings from Rabinovich, it is usually genuine gems such as: topaz, labradoritte, moon stone, amethyst, and of course genuine freshwater pearls in various nuances.

Earrings in silver or gold

Enjoy the many beautiful earrings and studs. With their timeless style and feminine elegance, it's impossible not to fall in love with at least one pair.
All earrings are made of silver og silver with gold plating, here as well adorned with geniuine stones and pearls, such as:  black onyx, moon stone, labradoritte, and beautiful freshwater pearls. If you wish a pair of earrings as a gift, that can be used for many years to come without going out of fashion, then it is earrings by Rabinovich you need.

Fashion necklace

All necklaces by Rabinovich come with a matching chain in either silver or gold plated silver. The pednant itself is designed so it matches perfectly with the collection of rings and earrings. The pendants adorned with pearls are the most popular by this brand. A pearl has always been exceptionally beautiful and a large part of the history of jewelry.

New gold collection

You can also see the new gold collection, where every piece is made of 14 ct gold and with white pearls.  You can find both necklaces, rings, and studs that match as a set. Also now you will find the new diamond jewelry again hand made in 14ct gold with beautiful details.