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Мы представляем вам украшения Wioga! Женственные украшения из серебра и бисера не оставят равнодушной даже самую утонченную модницу. Идеальные украшения для лета и долгих завтраков с подругами. Обратите особое внимание на самое знаковое украшение этой фирмы - серьги в форме вишенок.
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Wioga bracelets and earrings

Checkout the new, beautiful jewellery by Wioga. Finely tuned in every little colour detail to match perfectly together. 
The modern earrings by Wioga er made of genuine silver or gold plated silver with many fine, tiny pearls in beautiful colours. All earrings that hang from the ear hang in a fine silk chord with pearls in a plethora of colours and ends in a tassel at the end.

Wioga is in particular known for their cherry earrings.
Particular interesting is their Cherry earrings with two beautiful red pearls on each earring, available in either silver or gold plated.
These earrings are available in silver or gold plated silver with either pink pearls or very red pearls at the ends.
Wioga bracelets are likewise on a solk chord in different colours and also adorned with beautiful small pearls in matching colours.
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