SCREAM silver charm

The Felt bags are now all sold out.

The pre-series is limited to 92 pieces and comes with a hand made Felt bag in matching colors

An interpretation of Edvard Munch’s famous painting.
It is generally accepted that the narrative behind is his mentally disordered daughter, placed in asylum on an island in the Norwegian archipelago. The person in focus could be Munch himself leaving the asylum or it could be the daughter running away from it.
The bead both capture the face of the person and use the back to show the scenery on the bridge. In other words, the complete story on one bead.

The launch edition includes a felt purse, handmade from organic Danish felt using the backdrop colors of the painting.

(The original Scream was made in in 1892).
3 570,44 руб.


Материал Enamel
Цвет Зеленый, Оранжевый