Pandora - Стеклянные шармы

Мы предлагаем вам шармы Пандора из стекла. Лучшие цены и бесплатная доставка. 

PANDORA Murano glass charms

Pandora glass charms in all colors, patterns and with glitter.
What is the easiest way to change your charm bracelet?
Put Pandora glass charms on it! Available in all possible colors and designs, they will turn your bracelet to a small masterpiece.

You will find Pandora fractal glass charms, blue sea glass charms, green glass charms, red, orange, Pandora glass charms with hearts, glass charms with glitter - whatever you could imagine and wish. Take a special look at Pandora glass charms with bees and Pandora CZ charms with smaller zirconia inside. 
On our page you will old Pandora charms as well as the newest design for the best price and with free worldwide delivery.
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