True Beadz бусины

Добро пожаловать в нашу бусиносемью :)
True Beadz - это уникальные бусины элегантного дизайна. True Beadz - запоминающиеся и легко узнаваемые бусины.
Те, кто уже знаком с True Beadz и следит за новостями бусиномира, наверное, уже слышали о новом концепте: подвеска месяца. Каждый месяц вы можете оформить предзаказ на подвеску, которые впоследсвии будут выпущены в том количестве, сколько предзаказов было оформлено.

True Beadz Jewelry

True Beadz have won customers' hearts fast and forever - you can't keep but admire their work.
All beadz are hand-made by Julia and Aleksey in their cosy workshop in Moscow and are loved all around the world.
Their special dangle of the month concept has been a huge success among beadz lovers.

Lately True Beadz have presented a new line of their beadz - Opal glass beads made of beautiful shiny glass.
Each month True Beadz are coming with new release of opal glass bead in amazing colors.

True Beadz silver beads are a smaller masterpiece each.
Created with great respect for details and nature, these silver beads will adorn any bracelet.
All True Beadz beads have a larger hole and fit all charm bracelets.
Buy your new True Beadz beads at Perlen and enjoy our fast and free delivery.
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True Beadz - Water lace dark blue glass bead with swirls
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True Beadz - Opal rainforrest green glass charm
True Beadz - Opal sky blue glass charm
True Beadz - Opal snow white glass bead
True Beadz - Hazel Air champagne-colored glass bead
True Beadz - Opal Blackberry dark purple glass bead
True Beadz - Opal Blush light pink glass bead