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Ankle chains in silver or gold plated silver for women, available with or without pendants, as well as others with beads in the chain.
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Ankle chains for women

At Perlen Odense you will find a carefully selected range of ankle chains from brands such as Nordahl Jewelery. Our range of ankle chains is either in silver, goldplated silver, rose goldplated silver or ruthinated silver. They come with or without pendants and some of our chains even contain coins of different sizes, colors and shapes.

Ankle chains have a rich cultural history that dates back 8,000 years to the ancient Eqypt. They are considered by many cultures through time as a symbol of femininity. Ankle chains are simultaneously a great way to dress up bare legs for everyday occasions or for hot social events.

The ankle chain is a good jewellery choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd during the hot summer days.

Nordahl Jewellery

Nordahl Jewellery silver ankle chains are available with or without pendants and express an elegant but minimalist design that falls into good ground with most people.
With one of Nordahl's ankle chains you have ample opportunity to combine the best jewelry set with other Nordahl jewelry such as their necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

Nordahl Jewellery ankle chains are available for example. in lengths 27 cm or 23 + 4 cm.

Pernille Corydon

Pernille Corydon ankle chains comes in many types and shapes with mounted coins, pearls, stones or assorted pendants.

Most of Pernille Corydons ankle chains are part of collections with necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants.
That makes it much easier to collect accessories that fit together.

Pernille Corydons ankle chains are all sold in adjustible sizes that will fit most women with ease.

Ankle chain as a gift idea

It is a great idea to give an ankle chain as a gift.
Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with appropriate gift ideas for the wife, girlfriend or the fiance.

Most of our ankle chains comes in silver, goldplated, rose goldplated or ruthinated silver (black color).
This makes it easy to satisfy every taste out there.

Most ankle chains are sold in adjustible sizes, which makes it less nedessary to know the size of the woman you are buying the gift for.

Ankle chains are apporopriate for every occasion, whether it is with high heels for a party, wiith sandals for a walk or with bare feet on the beach.

Jewellery for the summer

Among all summer jewellery, ankle chains are probably the most popular.
As soon as the sun comes out and the bare legs start showing and gaining color, the ankle chains are on around town, at home and at the beach.
The ankle chain is a great feminine piece of jewellery to wear in the summer...