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Кольца с бриллиантами

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Diamond jewelry

They ooze good taste, status and prestige and at the same time they are hugely classic.
The little stones were highly desired long before Marilyn Monroe sang about diamonds, a woman's best friend, or Rhianna's "Shine bright like a Diamond" released a few years ago.
Over the years, there have been many more hits about the stone that symbolize eternal love and prosperity.
If you want to please someone you love, then a diamond jewelry is the right choice.

Diamond or brilliant

There are many of our customers who do not know the difference between a diamond and a brilliant.
Either they think it's the same or a brilliant is better than a diamond.
The explanation is actually very easy and easy to remember.
Are you ready?
A diamond is the type of stone itself.
That is, there are diamonds, sapphires, rubies, tourmalines and many, many different types of gemstones used for jewelry.
When you then have your gemstone and for it to become really beautiful and shine in the best possible way, then of course it has to be cut.
Here there are probably almost as many ways to cut as there are different stones.
You can choose from brilliant, rose, drop shaped cut and many more.
It is the number of facets that is crucial to the name.
For example, brillianthas 57 facets, which makes it shine really beautiful in the light.
My dad always said that a brilliant can be anything, even a piece of glass that has been sanded with brilliant grinding.
Then if you are out to buy new jewelry, so remember to ask what stone it is, if you are told it is brilliant.

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Diamonds from the mine or the laboratory?

The diamond has always been associated with large mines, as it is usually where they are excavated.
However, today you can also get laboratory-created diamonds that look just as good as the other onces.
The only difference is that they are made in approx. 2 weeks and that they are far cheaper.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

These stones are created just like the old-fashioned diamond under high heat.
Small pieces of laboratory created diamonds are spread out and warmed up.
After that, small crystals start to grow and after 400 hours you will have a large enough diamond to be cut to the desired shape.
The process is simple - if you want a larger diamond, you leave it for a longer time.

Natural diamonds

Here are the process of the natural diamond.
You can rarely see very colorful diamonds from the mines and they are therefore extremely valuable.
With special temperatures they can affect the color in laboratories and make for example red or blue diamonds.
However, it is not as valuable as the real product.

Natural diamonds and laboratory-created diamonds are both evaluated based on the 4 Cs - Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut.