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Мужские украшения

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Men's jewelry and bracelets

At Pearl you will find a great selection of jewelry for men and men of all ages.
Men with jewelry are in the present, because never before has it been so modern that men wear jewelery, as it is today.
Bracelets are very popular and a lot of smart designs and models have come up over the last years.

Now it can be almost difficult to choose whether it should be a stone bracelet with black stones or a ring.
There are so many nice calfskin leather bracelets.
There is also no shameb to wear more than one bracelet at a time. There are a lot of people who do so.

Men's bracelet from BB

Some of the latest bracelets here in the webshop are the bracelets from BB.
We make them at our own workshop in Odense, and are our very own masculine designs. It is a beautiful calfskin leather with a matte titanium lock and a silver pendant.
There are many models to choose from, ranging from skulls to mushrooms and dragons.
See also the BB stone bracelets with silver, Tibetan agate or colorful ceramics.

Bracelets for men

One of the bestsellers is these masculine men's bracelets from Son of Noa.
There are two different types to choose from - one in soft calfskin with steel lock in several different widths and colors
and the very modern stone bracelets with hermatite stones or black onyx.

Are you missing the perfect bracelet for your husband or boyfriend, or maybe you want to pamper yourself, then these bracelets are a really good choice.

Here you get high quality at the right price.

Here you are absolutely sure to find the perfect gift for the man, and then where the price and quality are top notch.

Leather or stone bracelets

One of our new brands in men's jewelry is Frank 1967, which has a large selection of leather bracelets.
Frank 1967 is designed for men who are ready for adventure and who dare to go straight to the edge.


The last touch to the man's outfit

If we look around, we see more and more men wearing jewelry.
And so it is not only the popular leather bracelets that we see on their wrists.
In particular, the men's rings in both gold and silver are gaining in popularity, but also watches and necklaces.
And just as it does for women, so does for men - it just gives the final finish to the outfit.